Does Greyhound give refunds?

Greyhound, a well-known and widely-used intercity bus service, offers a flexible refund policy to accommodate the changing plans of its passengers. Understanding the intricacies of this policy involves delving into various aspects of Greyhound’s services, including ticket purchase methods, cancellation rules, and refund procedures.

Greyhound Bus Service:

Greyhound Lines, Inc., commonly known as Greyhound, is one of the largest and oldest bus transportation companies in North America. The company provides an extensive network of intercity bus services, connecting various cities and towns across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Greyhound is recognized for its affordable and accessible travel options, making it a popular choice for both short and long-distance journeys.

Does Greyhound Give Refunds?

Greyhound Ticket Purchase Methods:

1. Online Booking:

Greyhound offers a user-friendly online platform that allows passengers to book tickets conveniently. The official website and mobile app provide a seamless booking experience, allowing travelers to select routes, choose departure times, and purchase tickets using various payment methods.

2. Ticket Counters and Agencies:

For those who prefer in-person transactions, Greyhound operates ticket counters at major bus terminals and has authorized agencies where passengers can purchase tickets directly. This traditional method is suitable for those who may not have access to online booking facilities.

3. Customer Support:

Greyhound’s customer support service is available to assist passengers in booking tickets, addressing queries, and providing guidance on the various aspects of travel. The support team is accessible through phone, email, and other communication channels.

Greyhound Refund Policy:

1. Cancellation Timeframe:

Greyhound allows passengers to cancel their tickets up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. This provides a reasonable window for changes in travel plans and ensures a certain level of flexibility for customers.

2. Refund Types:

The refund offered by Greyhound comes in the form of a voucher. The voucher can be used for future Greyhound travel, providing passengers with an opportunity to apply the refunded amount to their next journey.

3. Refund Amount:

The amount refunded to the passenger depends on the timing of the cancellation. Greyhound has a tiered refund system based on how far in advance the cancellation is made. The table below illustrates the refund percentages corresponding to different cancellation timeframes:

Cancellation TimeframeRefund Percentage
Up to 15 minutes before departureFull or partial refund in voucher form

It’s important to note that the refund percentage decreases as the departure time approaches, reflecting the increasing operational and logistical challenges associated with last-minute cancellations.

4. Voucher Redemption:

Passengers who receive a refund voucher can redeem it when purchasing future Greyhound tickets. The voucher serves as a credit towards the cost of the new ticket, offering a convenient way for travelers to utilize the refunded amount.


Greyhound’s refund policy is designed to balance the needs of passengers with the operational realities of managing a bus transportation network. By allowing cancellations up to 15 minutes before departure and providing refunds in the form of vouchers, Greyhound seeks to accommodate changes in travel plans while ensuring the sustainability of its services.

Passengers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the specific refund percentages associated with different cancellation timeframes to make informed decisions regarding their tickets.

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