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Amy Wunderly’s Greyhound Journey: Finding Inspiration in Scott Joplin’s Hometown

The Early Years: A Reluctant Pianist

From the tender age of five, the melodic keys of the piano became an integral part of my life. Those early days, however, were filled with resistance and reluctance. Despite having the world of music at my fingertips, I found myself battling the discipline of regular lessons. The passion was missing, and every session felt like an uphill task.

But like every story that takes an unexpected turn, mine changed course when a sheet of Scott Joplin’s music was placed in front of me. Courtesy of my mom’s thoughtful friend, that piece of paper reignited a dwindling flame and set me on a path I still tread today.

The Greyhound Journey: Austin to Texarkana

Today, as I boarded the Greyhound bus, I embarked on a pilgrimage of sorts. Starting from the bustling streets of Austin, Texas, my destination was Texarkana – the place Scott Joplin once called home. It wasn’t just about retracing the steps of a legendary pianist; it was a personal quest.

I hoped that by visiting the town that shaped Joplin’s musical journey, I might find a spark to fuel my own creative pursuits.

The thrill of road trips has always resonated with me. As Austin’s towering structures receded in the rearview mirror, a vast expanse of farmland and prairie stretched ahead. The transition from urban to rural was symbolic, allowing my thoughts and spirit to breathe, expand, and wander.

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Texarkana: Echoes of a Bygone Era

Upon reaching Texarkana, I was immediately captivated by its ambiance. The town, with its old-world charm, seemed to hold echoes of its illustrious past. The true gem, however, was a particular piano – one that Scott Joplin had practiced on.

Being in the presence of such a historic instrument, feeling the texture of its keys, and imagining the melodies it once played was a surreal experience.

The Journey’s Impact: A Renewed Passion

My sojourn to Texarkana wasn’t just a trip; it was a transformative experience. The town’s spirit and its connection to Joplin have already sown seeds of inspiration within me. New melodies and compositions are taking shape, and I find myself fervently jotting down fresh material.

This journey, which began as a tribute to a musical genius, has evolved into a testament to the power of places and their ability to inspire. I eagerly look forward to translating this newfound inspiration into music and sharing the essence of Texarkana with the world.

Amy Wunderly

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